A popular sport in Canada, and now a trending sport cropping up all over the country and world, axe-throwing has a long history.

The axe has been historically found as a tool in nearly every continent and culture, from Native Americans, to Africans, Europeans, and many other early groups. They, depending on the culture and time period, generally started out very blunt with stone, and then evolved to flint, and finally (our favorite) metal. Throwing axes were used in the Middle Ages for combat by foot soldiers, throwing over the shoulder to catch at least one rotation and often a moving target.

Now-a-days we throw our axes at fixed targets simply for fun. Our warring weapons have changed a bit, so the axe needed another purpose besides just chopping wood. Move over bowling and darts, because axe-throwing has arrived! Like darts, the aim of the game is to hit the bulls-eye and to accrue points – as you get closer to the bulls-eye, the points increase. Whoever has the most points at the end of your game, wins! Whether you do it competitively in a league, or just for fun to relax and socialize with your friends over a few beers, the sport is here for you to have another outlet.